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Explosion Boxes!

Explosion Boxes!

Okay, now just admit it…anything called an explosion box must mean fun, right?!  Right!  Well, assuming there isn’t a bomb or anything.

Now for an explanation.  It is basically a mini-scrapbook that folds up into a box that can be put on a shelf and still look really cute!  I first saw these demonstrated at Stampin’ Extravaganza last year so when the chance came up to learn how to make them in class, I had to take it!  We made one in class and I came home and made another four over that weekend!!

They are just so adorable and getting Simply Scrappin’ kits from Stampin’ Up make the coordination of the boxes very easy.  These kits come with matching cardstock, designer paper, borders and other designs.  This post is going to contain pictures of all the boxes I made because I love them so much!  I hope you like them just as much as I do!!  🙂  All that’s left is to find the perfect pictures for them, cut them to size and glue them on down.

Here is the complete set!  I have two different sizes!  The small ones are just too cute and perfect for pictures of kids going to school!


Box #1

IMG_0405_1200x900   IMG_0435_1200x900   IMG_0392_1200x900   IMG_0436_1200x900

Box #2

IMG_0404_1200x900   IMG_0406_1200x900   IMG_0419_1200x900

Box #3

IMG_0421_1200x900   IMG_0422_1200x900   IMG_0433_1200x900

Box #4

IMG_0448_1200x900   IMG_0449_1200x900   IMG_0450_1200x900

And finally, Box #5 – perfect for the girly teenager!

IMG_0460_1200x900   IMG_0472_1200x900   IMG_0463_1200x900


Cross-Stitch Frenzy

Cross-Stitch Frenzy

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and fantastic New Years!

I haven’t had a whole lot to share over the past couple of months.  I went from my crazy daily knitting to cross-stitching again.  I must say that it’s been a complete change of pace and a little nice to do something that I wasn’t obligated to do or needed to for customers.  As much as I love my little business and appreciate everyone who buys my cards and scarves, it’s sometimes nice to take a bit of a break.  It’s a been a good few months and I’ve completed a project that’s been on my to-do list for years!  The downside is that I’m not sure whether people really want to see work in progress pictures of a design they wouldn’t know even when complete!  :)\

To explain, the cross-stitch that I just completed was one for my video-game loving husband.  The design was of Samus, a character from one of his favourite games, Super Metroid.  Here it is!


We haven’t managed to get it cleaned, ironed or framed yet but…baby steps!!  I love how the colours just seem to pop off the black fabric.  It was a great way to get back into things.  Let’s see what will come up next!