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More Explosion Boxes

More Explosion Boxes

This long weekend I had such a blast making more and more explosion boxes!  8 in total and still 2 more need to be made!  I love long weekends.  No matter what you do on the Saturday and Sunday, you still have that Monday to just chill and recover.  Glorious!

Anyway, here are the boxes!  I do apologize for the overload of pictures here!

All the new boxes!  Don’t mind the monster in the background.  She keeps me sane at work!  🙂


Box 1:  I just love the colours in this kit!

IMG_0489_1200x900 IMG_0490_1200x900 IMG_0492_1200x900 IMG_0495_1200x900

Box 2:

IMG_0497_1200x900 IMG_0498_1200x900 IMG_0502_1200x900

Box 3:  Flowers!

IMG_0503_1200x900 IMG_0504_1200x900  IMG_0506_1200x900

Box 4: I know this one looks a little sailor but it’s pretty funky on the inside!

IMG_0511_1200x900  IMG_0512_1200x900 IMG_0514_1200x900

Box 5: Buttons!!

IMG_0518_1200x900 IMG_0519_1200x900  IMG_0523_1200x900

Box 6:

IMG_0524_1200x900 IMG_0525_1200x900 IMG_0527_1200x900

Box 7: Did someone say spring was coming?

IMG_0530_1200x900IMG_0531_1200x900 IMG_0535_1200x900

Box 8: Very simple but perfect for just putting in pictures!

IMG_0537_1200x900 IMG_0542_1200x900  IMG_0538_1200x900

Finally, just a picture of my mountain of scarves.  The pile keeps growing!  I know I should have a better display but at work, I do actually work!




While I’ve been at home sick for the past two days, packages have been delivered to work with lots and lots of new supplies from Stampin’ Up!  Almost more painful than actually having a cold and being couch-ridden is not being able to see what I got as soon as the packages were delivered!!  But with supplies come new projects!  And lots more explosion boxes!  I can’t wait to make more of those!  So fun!

Anyone else who has this blasted cold right now, I wish you well!  Hopefully soon I’ll have some pictures of new projects!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had a wonderful weekend making all sorts of cards!  Saturday was spent making and finishing lots and lots of random cards that were sitting around – birthday, anniversary, Christmas, whatever!!  Sunday was dedicated to Valentine’s Day!  I’m not entirely sure what other cards I’ll be making but I’m pretty pleased with these ones so far!  I have to tell you that I LOVE GNOMES!!!!  Life is always better with gnomes!  I hope you all had as fun and productive weekend as I did!!

Stay tuned and who knows what I’ll be creating next!  Between the two cross-stitches, a dozen scarves and whatever cards I can make, there’s always something!

Strawberry_1200x900    Gnome 2_1200x900    Gnome_1200x900   IMG_0475_1200x900    IMG_0476_1200x900    IMG_0477_1200x900    IMG_0479_1200x900 IMG_0480_1200x900    IMG_0482_1200x900    IMG_0483_1200x900    IMG_0478_1200x900