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Swap Time!!

Swap Time!!

IMG_20131016_104210 - edited

Once or twice a year, there comes a time on Sprite Stitch which is all about swapping!!  We get paired up with another forum member, are sent their interests and favourite games and make something specifically for them!  It’s a mystery who will be making your gift and you never know what you’re going to get!!  This week I’ll share with you what I made for my swap person and next week I’ll share what I got!

My swap person, Katie, works in an office and wanted something for her desk.  She listed a number of favourite games, movies and books.  I wanted to be able to include as much of her favourites and preferences as possible and leave it up to me to make something that was more than a framed cross-stitch.  That just would have been too easy!!  But oye!  Sometimes while I was working on this, I certainly thought I had bit off more than I could chew!

I decided to make her a daily desk calendar.  Five different cross-stitches, all from her favourites, each for a different day of the week!  Here’s what I made below!

IMG_20131016_103924 - edited OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Monday is the magical day of Harry Potter (pattern courtesy of Wee Little Stitches)!  We have a fun Tuesday with Bubble Bobble.  Wednesday, you’re trying to fight to get through the week with World of Warcraft.  We have Hunger Games Thursday and ending the week with a bang with awesome blocks of awesome from Super Mario World!!

Putting it all together actually turned out a lot better than I thought it would.  To avoid using adhesive on the cross-stitches, I stitched them to the black paper and made the calendar stand base with cardboard but all-in-all, it was a lot of fun to try and think a bit outside of the box.

What do you think?  Would you like something like this for your work desk??

The Fun!

The Fun!

I am so excited!  For my birthday this year, one of my friends gave me Rebecca Danger’s third knitting book, called “50 Yards of Fun”!!

I had no choice but to dive right in.  The first thing I had to make was a little ninja for the same friend for her birthday that was just around the corner.  I got a little confused right off the bat and didn’t fully follow the instructions but here he is nonetheless!


The next little guy I made from the book was…a hippo!!  Despite a hippo’s ability to pretty much rip your face off, I still think they are one of the cutest animals out there and my hippo is no exception, if I do say so myself!  You can actually find him at Freedom!

IMG_20131026_201247 - 900x1200


What do you think??


A Little of Everything

A Little of Everything

Hiya folks!

Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted on here but make sure you like my Facebook page (through the button on the right) because there are varying posts appearing on there as well.

In the time since I was last on here, I have not been idle.  There has actually been so much going on that I’m not sure how to update you on all of it.

I guess I will start with the big news.  There is a store in Toronto that is now carrying my crafts!!!  They have some of my cards, cowls, monsters, owls and explosion boxes!  I am so excited about all of it!  The store is called Freedom Clothing Collective and you should check out their site (I’m actually featured on their blog right now)!  It is a super interesting store with handmade goods from lots of local artists.  The first time I walked in there, I was glad I was there for business because I would have spent so much time and money going through all their wonderful products.  I am very happy and lucky to be part of their “collective”!!

What else?  What else?  Well, I was part of another project this past year that has recently come to fruition.  My name is in a book of cross-stitch patterns!  The book is called “Star Trek Cross-Stitch” and it was a collaboration of members from the forum Sprite Stitch.  The founder of Sprite Stitch, John Lohman, wrote the book, created a number of the patterns and enlisted a few of us from Sprite Stitch to cross-stitch the projects being photographed for the book.  Most of the patterns were created by him but other members from the site also contributed some patterns.  If you cross-stitch and like Star Trek or know someone who does, this book is a must!  Here are the pieces I stitched for the book!  🙂  Please forgive the terrible pictures.  They were photographed a lot more professionally for the book!

DSC01759_1200x900 DSC01757_1200x900 DSC01754_1200x900 DSC01752 - edited_953x900

The last thing I’m going to share with you today are the baptism invites I was asked to make for a friend.  My friend and his wife recently had an adorable baby girl and I was so happy and honoured to make the invites for this special occasion.  The first picture is the invite.  The second is the house of invites I made after finishing 70 of them!   It was a very simple design but, I think, subtle and pretty!

DSC01760_675x900 FB_IMG_13834895256215047 - 1200x900


Okay, I think you’ve probably had enough of me for now.  I’m off to write another post so that you won’t be kept waiting so long next time.

Have a great day and I’d be happy to hear what you think!