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All the pretty things…

All the pretty things…

Alright folks…I know I said I would be showing you some of my geeky projects for Anime North this week but I’ve been pulled away on a super secret project over the last week that has left me with no time to make things post worthy for you.

Instead, I’m going to tell you about my friend and Stampin’ Up demonstrator, Christyne Richardson.  I know I’ve mentioned her before and I’ll probably do so again!  🙂  Her site  ( is always an inspiration and you can find so many beautiful and fun projects on there.  She also holds monthly classes and I try my best to attend every single one.  You can never have too much crafting fun and motivation on a Saturday afternoon!

I have known Christyne for about 4 years and have been on her Stampin’ Up team for almost a year but it feels like I’ve known her forever!  We went to SU Convention together and she even took me to San Diego on the SU Weekend Getaway she earned!  I can’t say I was upset when her husband couldn’t go…  🙂  The fun we had going to the San Diego Zoo and to Old Town!

Just to give you a taste of the cards she makes for her class, here is a sampling from her most recent “One-Sheet Wonder” class.  It was worth the trip to Mississauga and more!

DSC01842_1200x900 DSC01839_1200x900 DSC01838_1200x900 DSC01836_1200x900 DSC01835_1200x900 DSC01834_1200x900 DSC01832_1200x900 DSC01845_1200x900

Are they so pretty?  I love them!  Trust me, they look more gorgeous in person!  I’ve learned so much from Christyne, so many techniques, so many different colour combinations, how to make the best use out of my Stampin’ Up supplies!

If you love seeing beautiful cards and amazing 3D paper items, you should be checking out her site!  Hurry now!  You may even see some fishy cards that are too adorable for words!

Until next time!!  (I may even be able to let you in on a bit of the super secret project then!!)

Holiday Crafting!

Holiday Crafting!

Happy New Year everyone!

Now that all the hoopla of the holidays is done, it’s time to get back to work and back to posting!  For my first post of 2014, I’m going to take you back to the insanity that was my last month of 2013.  I had commissions coming out of the wazoo and while that was extremely exciting and an amazing opportunity, there were times I thought my fingers might actually fall off!

I’ll start off by showing you the gifts.  The first two are a paper wreath (in progress) and an ornament ball that I made using the holiday paper from Stampin’ Up!  I made these ornaments in lots of different colour combinations and after the paper was curled up, they were just so much fun to put together and were really cute when done!  Just watch out for those paper cuts if you want to try curling your own paper at home! For the wreath, I wrapped it first in a nice satin ribbon before adding the paper.  It gave it a really lovely finished look to it!  Please excuse my laptop and living room background!  🙂

IMG_20131124_181646_1200x900 IMG_20131124_201200_1200x900

These made for unique gifts and I think people liked them!  My next set of gifts were monsters, and ginormous monsters at that!  I present to you Bea and Dot!  To give you an idea just how big these ladies are, Bea is the size of my torso!  As I was knitting her, she just kept growing and growing.  Who knew she would end up this big?  🙂  But the most adorable monster ever!  They are both in the hands of my friend and demo, Christyne!


Finally, I will know you some of my commissions.  While all my Christmas cards sold this year, it was really the knitting that was a major hit!  I made some monsters, some ninjas, some bunny ninjas (yep!) and some luchadors!!  What do you think?  Aren’t they just the cutest?  Look at the luchadors cape!!  Can’t you imagine one of these guys on your desk at work or at home?

IMG_20131215_114104_1200x900 IMG_20131217_151633_1200x900 IMG_20131213_085036_1200x900

Anyway, I think I’ve given you lots for today!  I hope you’re able to stay warm in these frigid temperatures we’ve been having!

Next week, I’ll be showing off some of my geek crafts for my upcoming convention in the spring!  🙂