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Valentine’s Day Cards and Other!

Valentine’s Day Cards and Other!

Well, Valentines came just as fast as it does every year and every year I find myself unprepared.  You would think I’d learn my lesson and start making things right after Christmas!  But alas…what are holidays without a little procrastination and stress?  And because I can’t show you JUST one, I feel the need to show you ALL of the cards I made for Valentine’s Day.  Except one, anyway.  This year, I actually managed to make a special card for my special fella.  I’ll wait until Friday or this weekend to post that one, if in the very off chance that he checks my blog!  🙂

First of all, I’ll show you  my desk at work!  There’s a little bit of old and a little bit of new!  And a little bit of crackers in the background!  🙂


And here are some close-ups of the new cards.  I know, I know!  They are all very heart-y and pink and red but it’s what I had on hand.  I had a whole lot of fun with the herringbone technique this year and I have a whole bunch of those types of cards to show you in the coming weeks.

IMG_20140212_094151_1200x900 IMG_20140212_094127_1200x900 IMG_20140212_094058_1200x900 IMG_20140212_094002_1200x900 IMG_20140212_093945_1200x900 IMG_20140212_093925_1200x900 IMG_20140212_093912_1200x900  IMG_20140212_094229_1200x900 IMG_20140212_094214_1200x900

And to end off this already picture-intensive post, I also feel the need to show you a new knitted cute stuffed thing that I just finished at about 12:30 last night so that a friend would have it to give to her little girl for Friday!  I present to you the ever glamorous, 80s, punk-rock unicorn!  Gotta love that hair!


And a blue luchador to keep her company!


Anywoo, I’d best be puttering along!  I have a whole kitchen table worth of crafting mess to clean up!  You can check out my Facebook for a peak of the disaster that can only come with last minute crafting!

More of the Pretty Boxes

More of the Pretty Boxes

Happy February everyone!  Well, all the snow and cold weather has put me into a bit of a funk lately!  That’s not to say I haven’t been crafting though!  When I’m forced to go outside for, say, work, all I can think of is being back at home knitting away or making a card!

I have a couple of things to share with you today.  The first is the new collection of explosion boxes I made for Freedom Clothing Collective last week!!  Aren’t they just the cutest?  I tried to make some that could be a little Valentine’s Day-y if people wanted them to be.  Some pink, some hearts, but not overkill!

Explosion Boxes

So happy that this picture was posted on Facebook by Freedom because I didn’t get around to taking any pictures of these boxes before I delivered them!  I was so excited to get the boxes out to them that I completely forgot!

The second thing I’d like to show you are the most adorable Valentine’s Day treats!  Little boy and girl monsters!!  And just wait until next time when I show you the backs of them!  Literally, the backside of the monsters!  SUPER CUTE!

Cute Monsters

Finally, last time I referenced working on a super secret project…  Well, I can tell you that I’m involved in another cross-stitch book!  Not only did I stitch a piece that will be photographed for the book but this time, I actually designed a pattern for it as well!  I just can’t wait for it to come out!  We’re still a few months out on that but I’ll share it just as soon as I can!!  🙂

Keep warm!