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Did someone say custom?

Did someone say custom?

That’s right!  Despite being a bit behind in my posting duties as of late, I have not been idle!  I seem to have started making “custom” notecards and thank you cards for people, like you see below!

A few months ago, a woman at work asked me to make her dragonfly notecards with the phrase “A Note from…” on the front so that they were truly from her.  After making up a few samples, these are the ones she chose:


13 cards of each later, she had her notecards!


Well, that seemed to spark a bit of a trend.  Not that I’m complaining!  Two other people decided they wanted their own cards too but these ones were thank you cards and they wanted each card to be different.  I haven’t delivered these yet so fingers crossed that they like them!

IMG_20140327_155121_1200x900 IMG_20140415_101504_1200x900

I’m pretty happy right now that I bought those stationary boxes just in case!!  It seemed that it worked out in my favour.

Well, the sun is finally shining and it almost feels like spring/summer.  I can’t wait!  But here I am this long weekend inside and crafting!  I may have to make a bit of time for a walk later but for now, I’m pretty content.  I hope you’re having a great long weekend too!