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Hey folks!

If you read my Facebook post last week, you may have seen that I was away in Indianapolis at GenCon.  GenCon is a convention that it mostly about table top gaming but I am here to say that it’s not all about gaming!  My friends from Craft Hackers had a booth there this year and I wanted to show my support so we packed up the car and off we went!

Since I’m not the biggest table top gamer, I learned that there is so much fun to be had doing other activities!  So while Toni, Nicole and Marc were working at their awesome booth, I took it upon myself to fill up three whole days with crafting!!  And now I’m going to share that crafting with you, in all their stages of incomplete.  🙂

I started off my Thursday morning by learning how to crochet a gnome.  This being the first time I’ve crocheted in well over a two decades, I was a little slow on the uptake!  Here’s how far I got on mine.  The second is my friend’s gnome.  She managed to get hers done when we got home.  Isn’t he adorable?

IMG_20140820_203624857_1200x674  IMG_20140818_165057043 (1)_506x900

After this crochet adventure, I made sure to check out Toni’s Craft Hacker booth, visited with my friends, Marc and Nicole, and drooled over everything they were selling.   I also played a game called Super Robo Rally where you move 1′ tall robots with remote controls on a game board and I just so happened to win with my Wall-E robot.  The husband and I also went on an Indy catacombs tour.

Finally, I ended Thursday with fairy painting!  It was so much fun, relaxing and a great way to finish off our first day at GenCon!

IMG_20140820_203953287_506x900  IMG_20140820_204013203_506x900

On Friday, I started my crafting day with a knitting class where I got the materials and pattern to make a kitten hat!  Truly the cutest thing!  Unfortunately, knitting is a little slow going so I didn’t get very far but we got to take all of our materials home with us and I promise to finish it!!  Really, I will!  This class was taught by Claire Knits!  Check out her other cute classes from GenCon.  You may even be able to see me in the class picture!


Then we went to a chainmaille/scalemaille class where we made this beautiful firebird cuff.  This one I was committed to finishing in class, even if it killed me and finish I did!  Vanessa from Kali Butterfly was an awesome teacher and gave great one-on-one instruction.  A fantastic class and if I get to go to GenCon again, I will definitely take another of her classes!

IMG_20140820_203526014_506x900  IMG_20140820_203549890_1200x674  IMG_20140820_203534664_1200x674

Saturday was a full day from 9:00 am to midnight!  I started by making kitten mittens to match my kitten hat!  I got far enough on this one that you can see the little paw print!  Then I tried my hand at crocheting a hobbit hood.  Again, I didn’t get very far but you can see what it’s supposed to look like on the instruction page.  I also made a posable dragon bracelet (not displayed) and we finished the day with some serious chainmaille!  I probably should have known better than to try making a serpentine chainmaille necklace at 9:00 at night to midnight on our third day into the con but alas!  Sticking with my “usual”, I did not finish it!  But I did buy the pliers so I can keep going on it.

IMG_20140820_203853428_1200x674  IMG_20140820_203923235_1200x674  IMG_20140820_204106701_1200x674

All in all, I am very happy with my first GenCon experience and the crafting classes were so much fun!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this little adventure into my three days at GenCon!



Good day everyone!

If you’ve been following my Facebook page, you may have seen that I had a bit of an accident involving my finger and a fabric rotary cutter.  Well, it meant a couple trips to the hospital and slowed my crafting down a little.  The silly finger stopped me from knitting full-stop for almost a month!  But in that time, I worked on other stuff that just NEEDED to be done!  The first of these projects being magnets.  I love magnets as the husband and the fridge will attest to.  I’m just so happy that I can now make my own and share my love of magnets with a few other people.  Freedom Clothing Collective will be carrying some of them (they even made the window display!!) and the majority will be coming with me to Forest City Comic Con in London this October.

IMG_20140804_204306084_1200x674 IMG_20140805_181610152_1200x674

Next, I finally managed to finish my Child’s Play cross-stitch square.  This patch along with several others will be made into a quilt that will be auctioned off at the Child’s Play dinner in the fall.  I was involved in this project a couple of years ago and happy to be involved again.  Last year, PopCap bought the quilt from the auction and it’s actually hanging in their office!  Amazing!!

Kirby Square - edit

I’m off to GenCon in Indianapolis for the next few days.  While most everyone else has days full of gaming planned, I will be crafting!  Surprise, surprise!  🙂  I’ll be learning how to crochet and even chainmaille!  How cool is that?

I hope you’re enjoying this wonderful summer weather we’ve been having and stay tuned for some super cute and geeky explosion boxes coming up next!