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Exploring Exploration Station

Exploring Exploration Station

I decided that my sweater was taking just a little too long to complete so I needed to work on something else to get back into the groove.

I thought I would try out Stephen West’s Exploration Station.  I thought I needed a bit more funk in my life!  So I started by picking out the funkiest combination of colours I could!  All these colours I love individuals and together, they just screamed “yes!”


Then I dove right in!  I’m not finished the shawl quite yet – hopefully this week – but I just couldn’t wait to share my works in progress!

IMG_20160214_202508  IMG_20160215_111123529 IMG_20160217_192706177  IMG_20160222_192135187

As you can see, the pattern started with just organic wavy sections.  The further I go, the more different the section become!  We have strips and now rows of little stars.  I’m not sure what the next couple of sections will bring.  The couple of samples I’ve seen of the shawl used much more subtle colours so it looks very different than what my shawl is turning into.  Stay tuned to see the final product!

Have you been working on anything fun lately?