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Exploration Done

Exploration Done

Since my last post, I have finished Exploration Station!  It is now washed and blocked (stretched) so that all the details and lace features show up better.  I am very happy I finished this project.  It’s really interesting because I picked this project and these colours for me.  This was not going to be a shawl that I gave away or sold.  This one was for me.  Turns out it wasn’t.  While I love the first few sections of the shawl, I’m not a huge fan of the last half.  It really is a shame.  The pattern itself is beautiful.  I personally just don’t like how the colours came together in the end.  While my whole knitting group doesn’t agree with me, what can you do?  In the end it all comes down to personal preference!  Alas!

Here is the finished Exploration Station:


And here is a closer picture of the details:


Since then I’ve decided to work on another shawl that has a touch of spring in it.  The colours – pink, peach and yellow – are just so happy for this time of year.  The pattern is called Cornwall Coast.  So far, I’m loving it!


Stay tuned to see what this one turns into!!