Over the years, I’ve taken a couple pottery courses here and there.  One at the Harbourfront, one at the Gardiner and I’ve never had the best results.  I would come home with a dozen or so pieces that would go into a box and stay there until enough time has passed, the emotional attachment has dissipated and I could throw them out.  I decided to give it one last shot.  I signed up for another course at the Gardiner Museum.  This time it had only been a few months between my last class and this one, instead of years.  I have to tell you, I think I’ve found it!  My groove that is!  This class I am actually making pieces that could be usable.  I made a mug that looks like one I would buy!  Granted, I’m not getting ahead of myself here.  There are still people in the class who haven’t recently taken another course who are much better than I am and have that natural knack for it but I will take what I can get!  It has been so fun and just exciting to put together these pieces and now I don’t know where to stop!  I’ve taken some pictures of a few of my bowls.  There are still a lot more floating around (for example, the plates I made are upstairs and I’m too lazy to get them) and some of the bigger and brighter pieces still in the classroom waiting to be fired.  We’ll see what I bring home next week.

IMG_0546_1200x900 IMG_0555_1200x900 IMG_0554_1200x900 IMG_0553_1200x900 IMG_0551_1200x900  IMG_0550_1200x900 IMG_0549_1200x900 IMG_0548_1200x900

I find it strange how drawn I am to some colour groups.  It got to the point where I had to force myself to use different colour glazes because everything I was bringing home looked the same.  But this week, I painted a piece in “Butter Yellow”.  It sounds so cheery and I can’t wait to see it!

On a completely different note, I am looking at doing a bit of an overhaul to this site, specifically the inventory section.  Right now it’s a bit of a mess.  I would like to update it and make it look “cleaner”.  Any suggestions on how I should do this?  I still want the categories because I think those would be useful to people but the big long list seems like a bit too much.  We’ll see what happens.  Stay tuned!

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