Undefined…Geek Style!

Undefined…Geek Style!

A few months ago, Stampin’ Up came out with a new product called Undefined.  Basically, it’s a kit that allows you to carve your own stamps.  How cool is that?!  The kit comes with rubber, wood blocks, two carving tools, foam backing, a marker and instructions and ideas to get you started!

DSC01769_1200x900 DSC01768_1200x900

I have had so much fun in trying mine out, although I’ve kept it pretty simple to date.  I will be selling my crafted goods at a convention or two next year.  These conventions will be devoted more to the geek at heart.  And while I love SU and their products, they don’t exactly cater to all demographics, especially not those involving video games.

So I have taken it upon myself to make the stamps I need for the type of cards I will want to make!  I started off with Pacman and the ghosts!  Now, I just have to turn those into a card…


What else do you think I should carve??  All ideas welcome!

Keep posted to see the cards I manage to make with Pacman!

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