Yarn Hoarder?

Yarn Hoarder?

Hiya folks!

My posting on this site has been a long time coming but hopefully you’ve been keeping up to date on my crafting through my Facebook page.  You’ll be able to see that I haven’t been idle while I’ve been slacking in my writing duties!

How do I update you on what I’ve been doing?  Well, I’m going to start off slowly.  To begin with, this has been me lately…


Who needs treasures and gems when you have yarn?  I recently placed a yarn order that arrived at the end of last week.  There were so many pretties in the box and I cannot wait until I figure out what to make with it!26736 26433 26702 26725

Aren’t those amazing colours?  They look even better in person!  Add these to the awesome yarn presents that I got for Christmas and I’m a very spoiled person!

Since I’ve been away from this blog, I’ve learned many things.  I’ve made my first pair of fingerless mitts.  I’ve started knitting my very first sweater.  I’ve made several shawls, as well as cowls and now headbands!  And that’s just with my knitting.  I’m still making plenty of cards inbetween.

I will end this now and start to plan my future posts.  I also have two cowls (one for me, one commission), birthday cards and a sweater to be working on!

Be back soon!


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