Quilting Squares Done

Quilting Squares Done

I finally finished all my quilting squares and I’ve started putting them together!  It’s funny when you get this far and then realize that this was actually the easiest part!

When my friend, Bri, and I first started our quilting class, I thought I would never make it every week and sew together my four squares a week.  We never thought it was going to end.  And then we learned that once we made all of our squares and put them together, then the hard part started.  Hand quilting all the layers of the quilt together in the end is going to take FOREVER!  Something I’m not looking forward to but I’m very happy to have Bri pushing me along each step of the way!

Here’s what the layout of my particular quilt.  I’m kind of hating it right now and I’m really looking forward to starting my next quilt.  What is it about starting projects and never wanting to finish them?  I think that’s what I like about making cards so much!  They take so little time that I can’t start to hate them before I’m already done!  🙂

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