Creativ Festival Fun

Creativ Festival Fun

After 4 days at the Creativ Festival this fall, lots of money was spent and many classes were attended!  I even bought myself a fancy new sewing maching.  Now I only need to learn how to use it!  🙂

Not that I needed it,  but I also discovered a new craft called locker hooking and no, it’s not meant to be anything dirty!  🙂  I’m hoping I can make myself some sort of rug or something out of these new supplies.  We will see!

Out of the paper craft classes we went to, I have a picture of the coolest one!  We started to make a 3-D scrapbook album.  It’s so neat and collapsible!  I just have to finish it.  There’s another four sections to finish and then I have to add in all the pictures!  I also have a Christmas kit of the same type to make as well.  They are so cute!

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  1. You have been busy with the posts and the crafts. You have to stop the scraf making and try and finish the paper crafts. I don’t have mine completed either.
    Have fun!
    From your favorite cousin!!!

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