Baby Blanket and Christmas Tree

Baby Blanket and Christmas Tree

As promised, here is the first of possibly several baby blankets that I’ve knitted!!  I have no idea why all my friends have decided to have kids and all at the same time, nonetheless!  I’m pretty sure those in question don’t actually read this blog, which in this case, is a good thing!  I already started to knit the second blanket.  The next one is going to be a pretty purple.  Hopefully both will be generic enough in colour considering we don’t know the genders yet.  I’m not entirely sure I like the edging on it.  Maybe the next one will turn out better but it’s still neat that I managed to finish one!


Next up is my Christmas tree!  🙂  We made to put it all together tonight.  We’re saving the decorating until another night.  I’m in the middle of making some new ornaments so they had better be dry by the time we want to decorate tomorrow!  At some point, my goal is to have a whole tree filled with just homemade ornaments.  We’ll have to wait and see how that goes.  I may need to search the internets for new ideas.

I’ll have some new adorable Christmas cards to show you next time!  Until then…

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