Wedding Bliss

Wedding Bliss

One of my friends at work is getting married and I get to go to the wedding!  I am very excited!  So even though he’s busy planning his own wedding, he has weddings of his own to go to!  He asked me to make him a card for his friend’s wedding  I made several samples for him, thinking that whatever one he didn’t pick I could sell to other co-workers going to his wedding.  Well, that plan failed miserably.  This friend decided to buy almost every single card I made, leaving me with having to come up with an entirely other round to sell to other people!!  🙂

For these wedding cards, I thought I would make the most out of the stamp set “Word Play” and thank goodness for Split Coast Stampers!  So many ideas!!  Below is the first round of cards.  More will be coming…


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  1. Finally a new post. Cards are great. Looking forward to new ones.
    I have a really cute wedding. I will email it to you when i figure that out.

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