Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had a wonderful weekend making all sorts of cards!  Saturday was spent making and finishing lots and lots of random cards that were sitting around – birthday, anniversary, Christmas, whatever!!  Sunday was dedicated to Valentine’s Day!  I’m not entirely sure what other cards I’ll be making but I’m pretty pleased with these ones so far!  I have to tell you that I LOVE GNOMES!!!!  Life is always better with gnomes!  I hope you all had as fun and productive weekend as I did!!

Stay tuned and who knows what I’ll be creating next!  Between the two cross-stitches, a dozen scarves and whatever cards I can make, there’s always something!

Strawberry_1200x900    Gnome 2_1200x900    Gnome_1200x900   IMG_0475_1200x900    IMG_0476_1200x900    IMG_0477_1200x900    IMG_0479_1200x900 IMG_0480_1200x900    IMG_0482_1200x900    IMG_0483_1200x900    IMG_0478_1200x900

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