More Explosion Boxes

More Explosion Boxes

This long weekend I had such a blast making more and more explosion boxes!  8 in total and still 2 more need to be made!  I love long weekends.  No matter what you do on the Saturday and Sunday, you still have that Monday to just chill and recover.  Glorious!

Anyway, here are the boxes!  I do apologize for the overload of pictures here!

All the new boxes!  Don’t mind the monster in the background.  She keeps me sane at work!  🙂


Box 1:  I just love the colours in this kit!

IMG_0489_1200x900 IMG_0490_1200x900 IMG_0492_1200x900 IMG_0495_1200x900

Box 2:

IMG_0497_1200x900 IMG_0498_1200x900 IMG_0502_1200x900

Box 3:  Flowers!

IMG_0503_1200x900 IMG_0504_1200x900  IMG_0506_1200x900

Box 4: I know this one looks a little sailor but it’s pretty funky on the inside!

IMG_0511_1200x900  IMG_0512_1200x900 IMG_0514_1200x900

Box 5: Buttons!!

IMG_0518_1200x900 IMG_0519_1200x900  IMG_0523_1200x900

Box 6:

IMG_0524_1200x900 IMG_0525_1200x900 IMG_0527_1200x900

Box 7: Did someone say spring was coming?

IMG_0530_1200x900IMG_0531_1200x900 IMG_0535_1200x900

Box 8: Very simple but perfect for just putting in pictures!

IMG_0537_1200x900 IMG_0542_1200x900  IMG_0538_1200x900

Finally, just a picture of my mountain of scarves.  The pile keeps growing!  I know I should have a better display but at work, I do actually work!


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