Me and cross-stitching have a love/hate relationship.  Every few months I take it into my head and take it up again and obsess over it for a while.  Eventually I decide I’m over it and put it away for another few months.  In the last couple of years, I’ve decided to combine my love of crafting with the husband’s love of video games!  Below are some of the results…

These were all made to go into quilts being auctioned off for the Child’s Play charity auction.

For this year’s quilt, we have Sword and Sworcery and Curse of Monkey Island:


For last year’s quilt, I made Bowser and Mario from Super Mario World and a lovely little scene from Plants vs Zombies!


Last year, I also participated in a Japanese relief crafting project.  This project focused on Pokemon:


When I’m not stitching video game themes, I’m working on a variety of projects.  One of the projects I worked on was a baby blanket for a friend:


This next cross-stitch was made for a friend who became a Reiki Master while we were working together.  This is the Reiki symbol for “White Light”.  I really liked how the framing turned out!  Turns out that linen really wrinkles up after it’s washed!  What a pain!  🙂  And I made this one on 28 ct fabric which as it turns out is pretty small!



Finally, one of the only projects I’ve made for myself to keep was a Felicity Wishes fairy!  Back in the day at university, during one of the annual poster sales, I saw the most adorable fairy prints.  All were Felicity Wishes.  When I was looking through a cross-stitch magazine a few years later, I saw the exact same designer in a cross-stitch pattern. I just had to make it!  And then I had to hang it up in my craft room surrounded by all of the previously bought prints!


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  1. awesome, I love all your stuff including the Angry Birds card. Very talented !!! I also loved the zombie X-Stitch, thats awesome !!

    I havent worked too much on my cross stitch , been making cards and stuff. Currently Im working on Christmas Cards.

  2. Hello–Question the zombie standing next to the flag pole with the city in the background, is this a pattern I can purchase?

  3. Hello. I just love the rabbit cross stitch blanket. I just found out I am to be a grandma for the first time. I would love to know about the pattern, what the name is, or be able to buy a copy from you. Please email me at Thanks so much for your consideration. Denise

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